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VR Goggles

Music Video Work

We make music videos and we make them super goooooood. 


IKP "Till The Day I Die"

A huge music video with 10 scenes that showcases the result of a 3 day shoot with custom built sets, props/costumes, casting and a lot of hard work. 

Trece "So Wrong"

A music video with drone footage, multiple cameras, cast, models, dancing and more! Whatever your video needs, we can obtain. 

"Interlude" Music Video


Car mounts, drones, and multiple cameras. Whatever it is you need for your shoot, we've got! 

Knotty Boy "Phonies"

"You can't just blow up a car for a music video, thats movie $h*t!" What clients want, clients get. We do our best to bring our clients ideas to life. Wether that means blowing up a vehicle or climbing a mountain in Norway, WE GET IT DONE!

"I wrote this instead of tears"

Don't have money for a location? NO PROBLEM! We have a studio with a warehouse thats loaded with  lots of gadgets so we will never be short of creativity. 

You, you and YOU! 

Don't have a Marvel sized budget? No worries! We still know how to bring the fire even on a shoestring budget. With Luke Homay behind the computer you can sit back with comfort knowing the edit is going to be bananas! 

"Everybody Knows"

Special FX, party scenes, dolly shots, and story lines make a good video! Once we shoot your video, everybody will know! 

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