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Video Production

Are you in search of top-tier video production services in the vibrant coastal city of Oceanside, California? Look no further than Homay Productions. We specialize in creating captivating video content for a wide range of purposes, including events, commercials, music videos, and documentaries.



"IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SHOT" Homay Productions...​​

Created by Luke Lewis, Homay Productions was founded in 2016 while attending college in Ventura, CA. The word "Homay" is a play on the word "homie" because everyone is a friend around us.


Luke picked up a camera around the age of 16 because he wanted to film himself and friends while they skateboard. That was the only way to get the "sponsor me" tapes. Shooting on Hi 8 tapes and editing on his moms first 1999 Dell computer, Luke began to get the hang of things. He quickly began to obsess over the editing aspect of film which immediately put him at a higher rank than most.


Ten years later Luke was fortunate enough to attend College at Brooks Institute of Photography and Film in Southern California. Since college Luke has had the opportunity to do documentaries around the world, music videos with countless artists, commercials for big businesses and much more! ​


When working with us your project is in good hands. We not only know what we're doing when it comes to production but we truly care about how this will affect you and your company as a whole. This is the way to the  NEXT LEVEL!