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Updated: May 7

Back at it again! We have another episode of our show titled "Artist Spotlight" where we interview local musicians/artists and intertwine that with performance shots of their latest music.

I do these episodes out of love for music and filmmaking. The reason I create films and work with video is because of my love for music. Being able to create visuals for other people's music has always been one of my favorite things to do. I'm currently in close connection to a music studio here in San Diego and that gives me the opportunity to get closer to local musicians of all sorts.

As a musician it's important to keep your content rolling and that's another reason I do these projects. Artist Spotlight gives every musician a chance to get high quality visuals to match their music and be seen by a wider audience. I'm honored to work with such talented artists.

Here is our latest Artist Spotlight featuring artist Kaije Music. Hope you enjoy.

Interested in being featured? Email me @

Video Production Oceanside Music Videos

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