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Not Every Budget Has To Be BIG

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Meet Cheryl Shah. A local business owner who teaches hard working people how to stop and take a pause.

Cheryl came to us with a shoe string budget. We talked over her ideas and goals for the project and got to work. Because the budget isn't huge we have to find ways to keep the cost down. For our location we used her own home and for an actress, well, we used her! These are 2 ways to really help keep a video budget down and manageable.

A lot of us are new to building a business and the overhead that can come with it can be daunting. If you want something to show your potential clients that you could be proud of then look no further. We work closely with you to fit your needs as best as possible. Just wait till you see the results of having a high quality professional video on your website.

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