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Updated: May 7

On Set for a Music Video shoot in San Diego
On Set of our Next Music Video Production

Let's face it, we all enjoy a little savings here and there. I'm going to give you a few real-world examples of how YOU can make that music video production bill just a little bit lower in cost.

One way is by inviting your friends and/or family to work on the music video. Whether it's an actor you need or some more hands on deck with the crew, phoning in a friend can sometimes be a great option to help you achieve that big goal. But beware, this isn't always the best option because they may be very limited in knowledge when it comes to film set's and acting. They can definitely hold a reflector though! And that's a super important job.

Another way to save big is by supplying your own locations. Locations could really put a dent in your pocket when trying to create a music video. You can ask that rich friend of yours if you could use his mansion for the day. Maybe you know someone who owns a business, and their shop would make a great location. Or you can go the more public route and shoot at places like the beach! These are all great options to help lower the bill, but of course, you have to remember that unforeseen situations also apply in some instances. We just can't control the weather nor the amount of people who are at the beach. Sometimes you just got to wing it!

And a third and final method is by doing some of the production process yourself such as producing and editing. Editing is a very time-consuming process when making a video. Maybe you still have video editing skills from that film class you took in High School, or you've got your own friend that will do the job for cheap or free.

Whatever you choose to do just make sure you think about how it may affect your video as a whole. In some instances, these methods could help and in other instances it might not. Just give us a call and we can talk through all of the options to help achieve your goal.

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