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Event Video

Event Video Productions

We've done events around the world and helped businesses grow their crowds from 1500 attendees to 50,000 just with the power of video! 

Movie Premiere & Party

-CRE.A.TION- A movie premiere for Filmmaker, Sculpter, and Artist Daniel Winn from Beverly Hills, CA. We were hired to cover a movie premiere followed by an after party. Lots of art, guest, and good times all captured by our talented team.

5K Color Fun Fest

The best part about doing video for your event is we make the event look 100 times bigger! What that does is set you up for that type of outcome for the next one. Are you even ready for that type of growth?


A special gathering with tons of creatives showing up in costumes and showing off their skills in fire breathing, modeling and much more! 

Tahdig Taco Truck

This is a good example of a low budget bare minimum shoot. On the spot and working with what we've got to make some cool visuals to bring awareness to the clients business. 

More Fire with Darby

This is just a super cool and fun video to watch. 


A great group of hard working professional fire spinners. The result of this video helped secure their spot in a huge show in Costa Rica! 

Morgan Jay Comedy Special

A 90 minute comedy special for the new Tik Tok sensation, Morgan Jay. This is a 4 camera set up with multiple mics for maximum coverage. Every big Internet personality has their own 60-90 minute special. 

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